The basics of beer pairing


Although it is up and coming, it is probably not as well known as pairing food with wine. The idea of pairing food with beer still suprises people. However, the possible variations with “beer pairing” (as it’s called) are far more compared to “wine pairing”. To ensure you’ll have a successful beer paring, we will provide you with this beer pairing basics guide line to assist you.

The most important thing about beer pairing is, deciding wat the main flavour is going to be. Beer as well as the dish have a main flavour. A main flavour can be sweet, sour, bitter or salty.

The main flavour of food can really influence the way other flavours are experienced. A few examples of reactions that flavour combinations gives.

  • Sweet amplifies sweet
  • Sour dulls salt
  • Umami amplifies Umami
  • Bitter dulls sweet and vice versa

If you don’t feel like experimenting, we will provide you with a few delicious beer & food pairings.


IPA’s pair great with salads or ice creams. However, burritos, grilled meat and spicy dishes such as an Indian curry are a good pairing too.

Blond Ale

Blond Ale’s are fruity and have hoppy smells with a relatively high malt content. A blond Ale combines well with a cheese platter or cheese snacks. Fish and Eastern dishes are a great paring too.


Witbier has a fresh, fruity, mild flavour and pairs great with food such as sushi, medium to spicy cheeses. Also, lighter fish dishes like oysters and mussels pair well with this beer.


Bock is a lovely seasonal beer that has a hint of caramel to it. This makes this beer perfect to pair it with snacks such as drumsticks, chorizo, lamb chops and mature to very mature cheeses.

Cheers & Enjoy your meal!