beer in the correct beer glass!


Just like with wine, it’s important that beer should be poured in the correct beer glass. This has a great influence on the flavour experience of the customer. We will divide the beers in six categories; Witbier (Pale Ale), Weissbier, Pils (Pilsner or Lager), Trappist beer, Blonde ale and Bock.


Worldwide, Pils is a beer that is consumed the most. In the last couple of years there have been several Pils glasses developed. Beer glasses such as, mugs, shaker pints (American pint glass), nonic pint, etc. With a Pils it is essential that the glass is not to thick and that a firm foam head is possible. In addition, the glass should not be too heavy, as this beer is often drunk while standing up. This means that the beer glass will remain in the hand while there is still beer in it.


The name Weissbier (Weißbier) originates from breweries in Germany. However, this beer is not to be confused with Witbier. Weissbier cannot contain any raw ingredients other than grain, hops and plain (natural) water. In addition, Weissbier must also contain at least 50% wheat, which contributes to an extra thick foam head. The correct beer glass to pour a Weissbier in, is a tall and lean glass. The hourglass shape is an obvious characteristic marker of this glass. This is developed for the purpose of creating a large and thick foam head during pouring.


Witbier is poured in a thick and sturdy glass, it also has a bulbous body, supported by a stem that narrows and then widens at the top. However, when you can’t find a beer glass as we described, don’t worry, Witbier can also be poured in the same glass as a Weissbier glass.

Trappist beer

A goblet is most suitable for a Trappist beer. The shape of the goblet ensures that the aromas are released properly. The broad shape of the goblet causes the foam head not to grow too big, which in turn brings you faster in touch with the rich beer flavour and aromas.

Blond ale

A Blond ale thrives best in a tulip shaped glass. In this type of glass the aromas are distributed equally throughout the glass, to emphasize the beer flavours the way it is meant to taste. Try and drink a Blond ale from a glass that is meant for pils beers and you will experience the difference.


It’s incorrect to assume that bock beer is a dark (Trappist) beer. Bock is a seasonal beer, besides the autumn bock, there is also the spring bock. Bock beer, unlike other Trappist beers, is poured with a nice foam head. A tulip shaped glass would be most suitable for Bock beers.