Beer styles: Pilsner


Worldwide, there are dozens different styles of beers. Beer styles and their own distinctive flavours are the most important characteristics of which you can recognise a beer. We will describe numerous styles of beer as a guide line for you. Whenever you’re in a supermarket and are indecisive about what kind of beer to purchase, think of this guide line and let it help you in the decision making process.



The Pilsner is undoubtedly the most known and drunk beer style. However, the Pilsner is still a relatively young style of beer. In 1842, the inhabitants of Plzn in Bohemia were tired of the mirky brown beer that was produced in that time. They invited and asked a German brewer from Bavaria to produce a clear, sparkly gold yellow beer. He succeeded, the beer became known as pilsner beer and quickly gained popularity with beer enthusiast all over the world.

A pilsner is a so called bottom fermented beer. The yeast works best in cool temperatures, which means cold outdoor air or an technical solution that can simulate cold weather conditions is necessary. At the end of 19th century, that technical solution was found. It made it possible to brew a nice and clear Pilsner all over the world.

What is important with a good Pilsner beer? The flavour should be clear and clean, with a nice balance between malt and hop. Pilsner is often drunk straight from the bottle or can. Our advice would be to not do this and pour it in a clean and dry glass. When a beer is drunk straight from the bottle or can, one does not see and smell it. Because of that, a considerable part of the experience is lost.