Beer styles: Witbier


Worldwide, there are dozens different styles of beers. Beer styles and their own distinctive flavours are the most important characteristics of which you can recognise a beer. We will describe numerous styles of beer as a guide line for you. Whenever you’re in a supermarket and are indecisive about what kind of beer to purchase, think of this guide line and let it help you in the decision making process.



In the 1960’s the traditional local Flemish-Brabants witbier was virtually extinct. Milkman Pierre Celis thought that that was a shame and invested all of his savings in brewery. To the joy of the village Hoegaarden, brewery De Kluis started producing witbier again. What followed was a steady growth of this unfiltered beer.

Who hasn’t muddled a lemon slice to a pulp with a plastic muddler in a massif hexagonal Hoegaarden glass? Please, don’t ever do that again! It is a common mistake, thinking that the lemon slice should be in it. Always drink beer the way it is intended by the brewer. There are plenty of other beers to choose from if you don’t like the flavour of a witbier. Witbier is, just like the Weissbier, a wheat based beer. Unmalted wheat and also with the use of herbs such as coriander seeds and citrus flakes gives the beer more freshness and makes it the ideal terrace beer on a sunny day. Witbier may not be the most hip beer there is. But amongst beers, it is still the perfect thirst quencher.