Beer trend: drink less but drink good


Traditionally wine is widely recognised as a sophisticated beverage, while beer is seen as a more common drink. This is however one of many misconceptions about beer. Just like the idea that beer is mostly a summertime drink. Luckily, these ideas are changing. With the upcoming trend of craft beers, people are getting more and more interested in beer and the complete experience around it. There are so many flavours to be discovered in this wonderful drink, flavours most people would never expect. Look… Swirl… Smell… Sniff… Taste… all done in order to get the perfect experience. The world of beer is rich of fruity, malty and grainy aromas. Therefore tasting beer is just as serious as tasting wine. In this article we go into the beer trend of drinking less, but drinking good – the upcoming love for craft beer.  

Drink less but drink good

It’s no secret that craft beer is growing in popularity. Everywhere you look microbreweries are blossoming and tiny cafes start selling locally crafted beers. The most visual trend that goes with this is ‘drink less but drink good’. People don’t go out and drink a ton of ‘basic’ pilseners anymore. They go out and order a beer they like or even ask the waiter for advice on which craft beer would fit their taste. When the beer arrives they take their time to really enjoy the flavours and discuss them with their table partner(s).

We also see that more and more people are becoming interested in the story behind the beer. They know the brewers that created their favourite beer, they know which ingredients are in there and which beer style fits them best. Even the combination between beer styles and certain types of food is a topic growing in importance. For more information on this, read our article on beer pairing, written by sommelier Arvid Bergström.

Beer only in summer?

One of the main ‘misconceptions’ about beer is that it is a typical summer drink. Where this is tue for a nice and cold pilsener or weizen, this definitely isn’t for darker beers like triple IPA or Stout.  These beers pair best with more robust and warm dishes, which you would most likely eat in winter. In his book Beer and Potatoes (Dutch: Bier en Aardappel) Arvid Bergström explains how to combine the typically Dutch stamppot (mashed potatoes an veggies) with different sorts of beer. Therefore we argue that beer is definitely not a summer drink.

Non-alcoholic beer trend

Not only craft beer has been growing in popularity, but also non alcoholic beer. This is linked to the more health-concious mindset that is currently taking over the world. People are more and more aware of the health risks that are involved in high amounts of alcohol consumption and therefore tend to go for a non-alcoholic replacement. According to Beverage Daily consumption of non-alcoholic beers went up with 4% and the consumption of low alcoholic beers