Holding & swirling wine


How do you drink your wine like an expert? It all starts with the beginning: how do you hold and swirl your glass? There are very different manners of holding & swirling wine. By the stem, the bowl and some even hold their glass with two hands. But how do we hold our glass according to the latest etiquette?

Holding wine like a professional

If you want to hold your wine like an expert, hold the glass by the stem between your thumb and first two fingers. When you hold your glass by the bowl, your hands will warm up the wine and alter the taste of the wine. As wine becomes warmer, the alcohol evaporates at a quicker pace and more complex flavours will disappear. This results in a more flat wine. Of course this is mainly important with chilled wine. If you hold your wine by the stem, you’ll keep your wine at a proper temperature and drink it at its best.

A nice benefit of holding your glass by the stem is that you’ll prevent the bowl of fingerprints and that you’ll see the true color of the wine through your glass.

Swirling wine

Holding your glass by the stem will also make it easier to swirl (or swing) your wine. Just rotate your wrist so the wine swirls around the bowl of your glass. When you swirl, oxygen is added to the wine which helps the wine to release its aromas. Therefor wine experts dip their nose into the glass after swirling, as this unlocked flavours. Your wine will taste even better after! This can also be done by a swirling carafe!

But does all this really matter? On some occasions it does, but when you’re with friends at home on a Friday evening, we think it doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying your wine and evening.