The ideal beer serving temperature


A warm pilsner beer? Not a lot of people would prefer that. An ice cold bock beer? Again, most would prefer it a few degrees Celsius warmer. The ideal serving temperature of beer can occasionally be underestimated. It is not that difficult to learn which beer should be served at a certain temperature. Here, we will provide you with a guide line that should help you to fully enjoy the beer of your choosing.

For example, try it with an aromatic beer. Chill it close to freezing point and pour it in a glass that suits the beer you’ve chosen. Pour another glass with the same beer, however, this time a degree or 8°C / 46.4°F warmer. The cold beer, you can slightly smell, but to say without a doubt that it’s an aromatic beer is impossible. Try the warmer glass of beer and swirl it around just like you would with a glass of wine. Place your nose close to the foam and the beautiful scent of aromas comes charging your way. A big difference! Precisely for this reason it is essential to serve beer at the correct temperature.

A general guide line with bottom-fermenting yeast beers is, that it’s drunk at a lower temperature than top-fermenting yeast beers. Bottom-fermenting yeast beers, such as a pilsner is drunk at a temperature of 3° – 6°C / 37.4° – 42.8°F. The ideal serving temperature with top-fermenting yeast beers usually starts around 6°C / 42.8°F and can go up till room temperature.

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Recommended ideal beer serving temperatures:

Witbier:               3° – 5°C / 37.4° – 41°F

Weissbier:          6° – 8°C / 42.8° – 46.4°F

Pils(ner):             3° – 6°C / 37.4° – 42.8°F

Trappist beer:    8° – 14°C / 46.4° – 57.2°F

Blond Ale:           11° – 14°C / 51.8° – 57.2°F

Bock:                    7° – 10°C / 44.6° – 50°F