Lower-calorie wine Cense


Weight Watchers, known for their low-calorie plans to help (wo)men reduce their body weight, is now also getting into the wine business. Not long ago the company announced their lower-calorie Sauvignon Blanc which goes under the name Cense. A wine that is lower in calories compared to regular wines.

California winery Truett-Hurst Winery is the company that produces this “low-calorie” wine. Ryan Nathan, responsible for Products, Licensing and Ecommerce at Weight Watchers says that their goal is to create a wine that clocked in at three points instead of the typical four points.

The trick for this wine was to keep the sugar and calories low, which means that a 5-oz glass contains 85 calories instead of the typical 120 calories. Another extra benefit from this wine is that it also has a lower alcohol percentage. Most wines are labeled between the 9 and 15 percent, where Weight Watchers’ Cense is 9.6 percent.

Developing a lower-calorie wine while also ensuring the wine tasted good wasn’t easy, says Phil Hurst, Co-Founder and President and CEO of Truett-Hurst Winery. The company initially imagined that if they started with a big, round red — like a Zinfandel or Syrah from California’s Dry Creek — and reduced the alcohol, they’d still have a wine that was incredibly robust. They were wrong. In fact, it took the company two years to land on its ideal formula. Winemaker Ross Reedy posited that choosing a naturally aromatic wine that was crisp, high in acidity, zesty in flavor, and didn’t need oak treatment — and then reducing the alcohol — would do the trick. So, they turned to Sauvignon Blanc.

Grapes for Cense are sourced from a vineyard in Marlborough and made into wine there, then the wine is shipped to the U.S., where the alcohol is reduced and the wine is bottled. Who could imagine that there would be a wine that also fits your daily schedule to a healthy lifestyle?! Get to know more about the wine and visit Cense.