Marathon du Medoc – wine marathon


Forget about water, during the Marathon du Medoc you have no less than 23 WINE stops! Yes, indeed, wine stops. You run a full marathon while drinking wine and feeding yourself on all the lovely delicacies France has to offer. This amazing event takes place every year in the South of France.

Marathon du Medoc

The yearly event brings thousands of people from all over the world together to do three things: run, party and drink wine. Every year the tour has a theme. This year the theme is ‘Amusement park’ and the day starts with a ceremony in which the runners can show off their fancy dress. After the ceremony there will be a pre-race show and entertainment to get everyone in the right mood.

Food and wine

France wouldn’t be France if there wasn’t lots and lots of food involved as well. During the marathon you come across stalls with typical French delicacies such as oysters, cheese, entrecôte and foie gras.

Anyone who’s ever attempted to run a couple of meters for the bus on a Friday night, with a belly full of beer and snacks, must realise how weird this plan is. But each year some 10,000 people turn up to spend around six-and-a-half-hours (the event’s time limit) jogging alongside the beautiful vineyards and chateaux of Bordeaux, while sampling the vintages on offer, listening to local bands, and tucking into the richest food imaginable. It makes a change from isotonic fruit drinks and energy gels.

Weekend full of wine

It’s not just during the marathon that runners enjoy their glasses of wine. The organization has an entire weekend of fun, drinks, walks, wine tastings and parties planned for you. Saturday after the marathon there is a wine tasting of the St Estephe’s wines followed by a diner and in the evening there is a free show of Tropica and a beautiful firework display. On Sunday there is a relaxing walk to get your stiff muscles to loosen up which is of course supplemented with a lunch.

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