The naming of wine, how it’s done


Bordeaux, Shiraz, Sauvignon or Merlot. All names of wines you probably order at a restaurant without hesitation and consideration of why it’s called that way. The naming of wine comes about in one of two different ways: they are either named for their grape variety or they are named after the region of the world where the wine was produced.



Why name a wine after a region?

Depending on the type of soil, amount of rain and sunshine exposure and the many other qualities that each region has, the grape will turn out differently. When the grapes are different, the wine will taste different too. That’s why it is important to give wine a name after the region.

“New World” or “Old World” wine names

The naming of wine after a region also depends on where the wine was bought in the world. The process of naming wines can differ, this determination is made depending on whether the wine was produced in the “New World” or “Old World”. With most of the wine regions of the “New World”, the winemakers choose the name of the wine after the sole or principal grape variety that has been incorporated in creating the wine. With wines that are produced in the “Old World” their names generally derive from the region from which the wine was produced.