Natural sulfate replacement to preserve wines


A Dutch company succeeded to create a natural replacement for the preservative sulfate. Currently, sulfate preserves among others the colours and flavours of wine and crisps. Sulfate has been used as a preservative for many years, mainly in different kinds of wines. It lengthens the lifetime of the wine, but as it’s an allergen it can also lead to some negative consequences. These consequences can include headache or breathing problems. It is also one of the components that gives you a hangover. In short: we can do better.

That’s what scientists from the HAS (Den Bosch University of Applied Science) thought. For the past ten years they have been working on a natural replacement for sulfate and they finally succeeded. The company that produced this natural preservative is called Natural4Sure and they called it SURE.

The natural replacement for the preservative sulfate (SURE) is a mixture of lemon balm and different kinds of herbs, which together shape into an extract. According to company owner Ferencez Deli the preservative has no negative influence on the wine and it should keep it fresh for about a year.

Natural sulfate in white wine

At first SURE will focus mainly on white wine. Already 6500 bottles with natural sulfate were produced and will be on the (Dutch) market this summer. The price of the wine will unfortunately be quite a bit higher than your regular wine bottle from the supermarket. In two years the price of the wine will decrease again as they expect to produce larger quantities of the natural preservative.

As a next step the company would like to introduce a new quality mark for the natural replacement of sulfate. Deli has a worldwide patent on his extract and would like to sell it to other producers of for example cookies and crisps.

Sounds like we will be hearing a lot more of this..

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