Now available: Vacu Vin Beer Range

And More

Over the last months we’ve shed blood, sweat and tears to create a range of perfect beer items to cater the need of all home bartenders and beer enthusiasts. We are very proud that the first five items are now available. The other’s will arrive very soon!

So… what do we have for you? We proudly present:

Bottle Marker & Stopper (leather) & Bottle Marker & Stopper (silicone)

Always know which beer is yours with the Bottle Marker & Stopper. The markers slip over the bottle neck and are fastened with a suction cup. The suction cup doubles as a bottle stopper, to keep the beer fresh and protect against and insects.



Bottle & Glass Double Coasters

Serve bottled beer together with its glass on these large leather coasters. It allows your guests to learn about what they are drinking and keep the conversation going. Each of the 6 coasters has its own printed design, which together form one large pattern. They are held together with a classy money-clip style holder.

Active Cooler Beer

The amazing Active Coolers can best be described as super cold, flexible ice jackets. Stored in the freezer, they are always ready to slip over a bottle and cool it to drinking temperature in minutes. Place them back in the freezer for unlimited repeated use.

Bartender Beer Blade

The Bartender Beer Blade is a must-have for all beer enthusiasts. Professional bartenders use a wet beer blade to cut the excess foam off the glass after pouring. Skimming the foam creates a thin protective layer, locking in carbon dioxide and the aromas of the beer. It keeps the beer as fresh as possible and ready for that perfect first sip.

Food Pairing Serving Tray

Offer your guests appetizers and snacks in style with the Food Pairing Serving Tray. This three-in-one serving solution combines a thick bamboo cutting and serving board with a detachable ceramic dip bowl. Both nest in a separate serving tray with its own dip compartment. Use them in any combination to perfectly pair food with beer or any other drink.

Trick Stick Bottle Opener

A stylish bottle opener you won’t be able to let go. The Trick Stick Bottle Opener opens crown caps without effort, but also challenges you to show off your skills. Tumble in endless variations and impress everyone around you while they enjoy their drinks.

Beer Tasting Glassware Set

Taste beer like it was intended, by combining it with the right glass. With the differently shaped glasses of the Beer Tasting Glassware set there is a glass for every beer. These sets of half-size glasses are perfect for beer tastings and sharing heavier beers. Use the tasting notepad to record your experience and remember which combination is your favourite.


Home Bar Beer Station

The Home Bar Beer Station instantly converts your table or countertop into a bartender’s workspace. Place the glass for pouring and skim off the excess foam with the wet bar blade. Don’t worry about spilling, the foam will drip straight unto the draining unit. No mess, only the perfect serve.