Shortage of rosé from France


The nice and sunny days have only just started and the first bad news already reached us: there will be a shortage of rosé from France this year. This is of course makes us really sad. But how did this happen? The answer is unfortunately very easy: bad harvest.

Growing demand

In the past years the demand for French rosé has been growing steadily. According to the French paper Les Echos, over the past fifteen years the demand has grown with over 30 percent! According to the paper France is a victim of its own success. France is as well the world’s largest producer as the world’s largest consumer and the world’s largest exporter of rosé wines.

Shortage of rosé grapes from France

Unfortunately due to a bad harvest last year, the wine makers will most likely not be able to meet this high demand this year. The price of French rosé can for this reason rise with about 20 to 30 percent. Last year it was already hard for the wine makers to meet the demand, but this year it will be really challenging. The Provence is one of the regions that produces large amounts of rosé wine, about one-fifth of the total amount of rosé produced in France. This year the Provence is estimated about 155 million bottles of rosé. This is roughly about 20 million bottles less than last year!

Rosé from other countries

Luckily for us France is not the only wine producer in the world. We will still be able to enjoy rosé from countries such as Portugal, Italy, Chile and South-Africa. It might be a good time to start discovering new wines.

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