Wine academy part 3: Which country makes the best wine?


Jeroen van Mierlo teaches wine courses, in which he explains people the basics about wine. In this biweekly column ‘Wine Academy’ he answers the 25 most asked questions about wine. In part 3 of the Wine Academy Jeroen answers a very interesting question: Which country makes the ‘best’ wine? 

Of course this is a very interesting question to ask yourself. It is all about defining what question you’re actually asking. So when do you think a wine is the ‘best wine’? Is the most expensive wine also the best wine? Or is the country that produces the most wine automatically the country with the best wine?


The three big wine countries

France, Italy and Spain are the three countries that produce the most wine in liters. Together they produce more or less half of all the wine that is produced in the world. In France for example, you will find the most expensive wines in the world. Besides all the beautiful and expensive wines these countries also produce a lot off cheap wine that you can buy in your everyday corner store. So if you look at quality they are not consistent at all.


Constant wine quality

So which countries, you may ask, are consistent in their quality? According to Jeroen these are countries like for example Chili, New Zealand and Austria. The most important is that the most expensive wines are definitely not always the highest in quality. Go with your senses.  Smell, taste, experience and enjoy your wines and decide for yourself. In the end not everybody has the same taste in wine.