The perfect whisky glass


As described in our previous blog “How to make whisky – a step by step guide” whisky is a crystal clear product. No fuss, just a pure drink with nothing but natural ingredients. Such a product deserves a good glass, because a good whisky glass enhances what’s inside: the flavors and aromas.

The importance of a good whisky glass

So is the perfect whisky glass really that important? Yes. You wouldn’t drink a Belgian beer from an espresso cup, would you? I bet it won’t taste nice at all. Of course it’s the flavor that makes you like something or not, but the right glass plays a very important role in this.

Now in my eyes there are two glasses that qualify for a proper whisky. The first one we call the ‘experience glass’, the other one the ‘discovery glass’. Of course there are tons of options and it is entirely up to you to choose whichever you like, but trust me, the right glass turns your good whisky into an amazing whisky. Go ahead and give it a try! We are very curious what your findings are.

The experience glass

Drinking whisky is an experience, at least for me. I only drink whisky when I really feel like it. Unlike a glass of wine or a beer, which are more common. Whisky is the kind of drink that you really take your time for. Late at night, after a long day of work or as an ending to a good night. Take a moment to sit in my favorite chair, relax and enjoy. In this case I use the experience glass, also referred to as a tumbler sometimes. A good example is the Vacu Vin Rocks Glass. This type of whisky glass is a bit broad and low. They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Now it’s just you, your whisky and nothing else matters.

The discovery glass

Then there is the discovery glass. Whisky enthusiasts refer to this glass as the Glencairn glass. It stands on a small, but thick stem. The glass is made of lead-free crystal and about 11,5 cm high, with a diameter of 4,5 cm. The advantage of the thick stem is that it lays comfortable in your hand and you avoid greasy fingers on the drinking part. Another advantage is that your warm hands won’t warm up your whisky’s perfect temperature. The crystal really makes the colors of your whisky shine. The tulip shape brings forward the aroma of the whisky, which is one of the most important parts of the whisky. This aroma is ‘trapped’ in the glass and only comes free when you sniff it.

Conclusion: which whisky glass do you choose?

Use the glass that you feel most comfortable with. If you’re looking for a proper experience, you take a broader lower glass. If you’re looking to discover new whiskies, their aromas and colors, the discovery ‘Glencairn’ glass is a perfect fit for you.

This article is written by Peter Verbeek, owner of a liquor store and founder of Dutch Whisky Club Commitment To Malt.