The flavour circle of whisky


The moment you walk into a whisky store as a newcomer and say you´re looking for ´a whisky´ it will probably start to dizzle around you. So many brands, so many sorts, so many flavours! And then there is the sales adviser who is giving you all sorts of information in words you have never heard before. Even as an experiences whiskey drinker sometimes all the different bottles will start coming at you when you´re in front of a shelf.

Whisky flavour profiles

A good adviser will definitely be able to guide you in the direction of the right whisky and if you´re lucky even give you some samples to taste. Larger liquor stores are usually not a big fan of tastings, they prefer to work with so called flavour profiles. This means that they guide you with terms such as mild, soft, medium, grainy, full, rich or smoky on the shelves. Because there are so many of these, and most whiskies contain more than one term, you mostly won’t know if you have the right bottle until you come home.

The flavour circle of whisky

In our stores we like to do it our own way. Of course we have the flavor profiles mentioned on the shelves, but we prefer to give our customers some actual proper advice. That’s why we have over 100 open malt whisky bottles, ready for them to taste. Sometimes guests can take over half an hour to decide which one is their favourite. We can’t blame them, where whisky is not the cheapest alcoholic drink we understand you want to take your time to decide.

To guide our customers in their decision making process we have introduced the so called flavor circle. This is a circle divided into 4 pieces, all representing a season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. We created this because in Scotland the weather can be very changeable, ‘four seasons in one day’ has never been more true than over there. In addition to that we noticed that seasons are often connected to experiences, emotions and desires.

The four flavour seasons

Spring is mild and soft, these whiskies shoud remind you of your first walk on the beach in the early spring sun. Fresh, but pleasant. Some examples are: Glenmorangie The Original, Glen Grant The Major`s Reserve en Tullibardine Sovereign.

Summer is medium and warm, after the first sip you just know: this whisky has something warm in there. A flavour which is nice and in the middle between mild and strong. A whisky for everyone and every day. The after taste has something fresh and fruity. Examples are: The Singleton Tailfire, The Glenlivet Founders Reserve, Ardmore Traditional, Balvenie Caribbean Cask en de  Glenfiddich 15 years old.

Autumn, full and rich. Whisky, just like autumn, is full of aromas, colours and flavours. A tipical autumn whisky is one that you long for during your cold forest walks. A full flavour that makes those cold and wet days worthwhile. Some examples: Auchentoshan Tree Wood, Glendronach 15 years old, The Glenrothes Select Reserve, Bowmore 12S years old en de Highland Park 12 years old.

Winter is strong and powerfull. These whiskies are guaranteed to blow your mind. Explosive flavours that warm up your entire body. Whisky with a bite, that gets you through even the coldest winter days. Some examples: Ardbeg Corryvreckan en de Laphroaig 10 years old.

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