Active Cooler Wine best in the test

We are very proud of our two heroes: the Active Cooler Wine and the Active Cooler Wine Elegant Stainless Steel! These two beauties ended in the top 3 of the Best Wine Coolers according to the Dutch newspaper AD. We’ve translated a part of the test below. So now you have proof, get your favorite Active Wine Cooler and keep it cool!

Always a cold wine within reach (Par 1.)

When you want to serve yourself a cold wine on a summer evening, you can keep your keep your bottle in the fridge. But it would be easier when you have a wine cooler within your reach – this saves you walking from the garden to the kitchen a few times. tested seven wine coolers. In this test they used seven the same bottles of white wine, chilled down to 6.1°C before inserting into the coolers. With an environment temperature of 24°C it is tested how long the wines will stay on the recommended drinking temperature (6 – 10°C). These three heroes work with a cooling element which should be kept in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Cools down even one more degree (Par 2.)

For the best price-quality ratio you should have this Wine Cooler without any doubt! Alright, it doesn’t deserve a beauty contest with its flexible plastic sleeve, but it keeps your bottle cool for more than 70 minutes. During the first 20 minutes the bottle even cooled down one more degree. Once the cool elements have done their job, the temperature rises quickly. After two hours the wine is 13°C, so make sure the bottle is empty before this. In the first half hour drops appear on the outside of the cooler. This can cause strains and circles on a wooden table.

Elegant metal vase (Par 4.)

Thanks to its fine round shape this elegant metal vase is perfect for a luxury dining table. The cooling element is the same as the separate cooler from the supplier mentioned above, but because of the good isolation through the Stainless Steel housing the Wine Cooler Elegant will cool for a longer period of time. After an hour the temperature of the wine rose above the 10°C, only after 2,5 hours it reached the 13°C. However according to our taste buds a white wine then still is great to drink. Next to its nice appearence this Vacu Vin Wine cooler keeps your chardonnay or riesling well and cold for a long time.”  (AD, 10-07-2019, p.7)

Read the complete test in Dutch here.