New Vacu Vin Catalog

After months of hard work, the new product catalog is finished! The new product catalog reads like a magazine, educating those who are reading it. Between all the products there are articles written by international qualified beer sommelier Arvid Bergström and master bartender Ivar de Lange. This catalog is an extension of the Vacu Vin website that is stuffed with articles, blogs and news that contains Wine, Beer and Cocktails. Click here to see how it turned out. Hope you enjoy reading it. Cheers!

Vacu Vin is always on the lookout for new experts who would like to write blogs or articles in their field of expertise. Are you convinced that we need your input to entertain/inform the consumers from Vacu Vin? Use the contact form and let us know why we need you. For those who would like to receive more information regarding our products or a sample of the new catalog, please use the contact form and get in contact with us!