Recipe: Cheesecake Cocktail

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Lots of restaurants have it on their dessert menu and lots of bakeries sell it.

How it’s made
There is a general consensus on how the cheesecake is made, though there are many variations. A crusty bottom layer with a thick main layer of cream cheese, ricotta or quark with eggs and sugar on top of that. The sugar can be replaced by fresh fruit, syrups or jams. You can make a strawberry cheesecake for instance by using fresh strawberries or strawberry jam.

From Greece with love
It took a bit of time though before the current form of the cheesecake was ‘agreed on’. Cheesecake is old, probably as old as cheese itself. The ancient Greeks already mixed young cheese with honey or fruits. The first written recipe of what could be called a cheesecake, dates to 160 BC. Not yet the recipe as we know it now, but it was getting close.

Liquid cheesecake
Fortunately, nowadays we agree that the cheesecake may have different recipes. Perhaps one of the most special one is the liquid cheesecake. In 2010, the Lucas Bols company launched a revolutionary yoghurt liqueur. A liqueur that gives the full, creamy yoghurt flavor, but doesn’t curdle when mixed with citrus. Bols Yoghurt became an instant success, partly because of its signature drink, the cheese-cake.

Because, how good is it to drink your favorite dessert? Especially when you don’t need to buy a lot of products to make it at home. Would you like to surprise your guests with something special? Serve them a strawberry cheesecake. Simply mix Bols Yoghurt, Bols Strawberry and lemon juice with some crushed ice and the drink is ready. Would you like to serve a mango cheesecake? Switch the strawberry liqueur for a mango liqueur. You are guaranteed to ‘wow’ your guests!

Strawberry Cheesecake
50 ml Bols Yoghurt
15 ml Bols Strawberry
15 ml fresh lemon juice

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