Time to discover the new Vacu Vin!


Vacu Vin has re-styled its website from a solely product oriented website to a clean designed website with improved functionality and rich content focused on the company’s mission to provide the customer with more information than just Vacu Vin products. The new website has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and allowing customers to share information across major social networking sites.

Besides that the products, now with new detailed product information, are still showcased on the new Vacu Vin website, we will also provide the costumer with content that is not only informative but also entertaining.


The content on the new Vacu Vin website will provide the customer with information that is created by Friends of Vacu Vin that are an authority in their respective fields of wine, beer and cocktails.


The new Vacu Vin content that is provided, is not only the normal and expected wine, beer or cocktail information but is also news that can be humorous and encouraging for the customer to experiment and experience wine, beer and cocktails for him/herself.

Friends of Vacu Vin

Friends of Vacu Vin are experts and a authority in their respective fields of wine, beer and cocktails. They will help Vacu Vin with providing the customer with valuable information about wine, beer or cocktails. By attending, blogging and vlogging about events, the information provided by the Friends of Vacu Vin will not only be informative but will also give the customer an inside look in the world of wine, beer and cocktails.

About Vacu Vin

Vacu Vin is an international distributor of innovative wine, beer and cocktail related products for home and professional use, which are characterised by their practical applications in daily circumstances.