Wine Saver 2.0


Since the founding of the brand Vacu Vin in 1986, it quickly became synonymous with development of smart innovative products that are an asset to every household. However, in the 30 years of existence, one product in particular stole the show – and as of today still does. Despite the fact that the idea itself is 30 years old, it kept evolving, resulting in a product used all over the world. An incredible history, from one single idea to almost 40 million products sold.

The invention
1986 marked the invention of the Wine Saver, originally named the “Vacu Vin”, which eventually became the brand name when the product portfolio began to expand. In 2001, we reinforced its market leadership by adding the unique “Click” vacuum indicator. And now, in 2017, the evolution of this icon continues.

Next to the original Wine Saver, Vacu Vin now introduces the Wine Server & Saver, a solution that combines non-drip pouring, airtight closure and vacuum storage. Three separate functional elements that make this product unique in every way, but still perfectly accessible to any wine enthusiast.

The new Wine Server & Saver

In addition to its wide range of wine serving and saving tools, Vacu Vin now introduces the new revolution in the world of wine drinking. A unique solution that allows you to serve your wine without dripping, store it for a short period of time or vacuumise it to keep it fresh longer. An extra unique feature is added to the server which allows it not only to serve without dripping but also let it function as a bottle stopper. When you want to preserve your wine longer, use the vacuum pump for vacuum storage. The vacuum slows down the oxidation process which makes it possible to enjoy your wine again at a later date. The new Wine Server & Saver combines the complete wine drinking experience in one single product.

  • Non-drip pouring every time
  • Preserves your wine after opening
  • Vacuum indicator: clicks when vacuum is reached
  • Suitable for almost every bottle of wine

Vacu Vin 2.0

Enjoying wine is so much more than just buying the right wine and using the appropriate glass. It’s more than just buying the necessary tools and gadgets. It’s about the complete experience. That’s why we have reinvented the Vacu Vin brand.

October 18 we’ve launched this new website which immediately became a big hit. Offering a wealth of information needed to enjoy wine, cocktails, beer and more. No longer just products, but providing the complete experience. Informing and educating consumers in a way that enriches their knowledge and experiences, allowing them to entertain and inform their guests while enjoying a drink. Discover more and enjoy your stay on our website.