Food Pairing Serving Tray

Food Pairing Serving Tray

Offer your guests appetizers and snacks in style with the Food Pairing Serving Tray. This three-in-one serving solution combines a thick bamboo cutting and serving board with a detachable ceramic dip bowl. Both nest in a separate serving tray with its own dip compartment. Use them in any combination to perfectly pair food with beer or any other drink.

  • The 3/4 inch (2 cm) thick cutting and serving board is ideal for cheeses and dried sausages
  • Use the serving tray for snacks like chicken wings or tortilla chips
    The ceramic dip bowl can be used with the board, or remain nested in the serving tray
  • Designed to work well with the Bread & Dip and Serve & Stack serving solutions

How to use:


Dimensions (wxdxh): 45x24x3
Weight: 1.4 kg/3 lbs
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Material: Bamboo, plastic, ceramic