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Get ready for summer with our refreshing wine coolers!

In the summertime, most people enjoy the sunny days to the fullest with a cold refreshment. Discover our Active Wine Coolers: chills wine within 15 minutes and keeps it cold up to 90 minutes. Offer your customers an eye catching, reusable wine cooler, made in our social production facility in the Netherlands. Let us introduce you to our wide range of wine and champagne coolers and why consumers prefer our wine chillers.


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Surprise your senses

Enjoy a chilled wine!

The Vacu Vin Active Coolers chill you wine thanks to the ice cold cooling gel and thight fit around the bottle. Simply store the bottle cooler sleeve in the freezer to always have a chilled bottle at hand!

The special cooling technique actively chills the bottle within 15 minutes, even if the bottle directly from the store. By using the cooling sleeve in combination with a pre-chilled bottle, your bottle cools quickly and stays cold up to 90 minutes.

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Social Products

Consumers are shopping more consciously than ever before, and they’re fond of a social story. Offer them a summer must-have with a social heart.

Our wine coolers are 100% made in the Netherlands, in our in-house social production facility. Here we offer people with a distance to the labour market a regular job in a sheltered working environment.

Offer your customers a socially responsible product

Make someone smile

In the summertime, parties are thrown and barbeques are lit. Nobody wants to show up empty handed.. so what about a luxury accessory to accompany that bottle of wine?

Combine our high-quality wine coolers with a bottle of fine wine or champagne and you’ll definitely put a smile on their face. Discover our unique wine coolers at various price rangers for every occasion!

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Surprise your senses

Stylish and refreshing wine coolers for summer time!

Why choose a Vacu Vin Active Cooler?

The Vacu Vin Wine Coolers have a unique feature compared to regular bottle coolers. We’ll explain why our wine coolers are called Active Coolers and which variations are available.

Active Cooler vs Regular Cooler

Did you know most wine coolers do not actually chill wine bottles, but only work as an insulation? The Vacu Vin wine coolers contain a cooling gel which actively chills the wine. The frozen wine cooler brings down the temperature of your wine within 15 minutes, just like a refrigerator. The sleeve acts like an insulator to maintain the cold temperature, ensuring the wine to stay cold for as long as 90 minutes.

Easy to (re)use Wine Coolers

The Vacu Vin bottle coolers are very straightforward and easy to use. The sleeves are made of high-quality material that ensure our products to last a lifetime. You no langer need to make ice cubes that end up in the sink. You are only three steps away from having a cold glass of wine!

  1. Fold the wine cooler sleeve flat and store in the freezer
  2. Slide the wine or champagne bottle into the Active Cooler
  3. Enjoy your chilled wine until the last sip!

Tips to enjoy a cold wine for longer! 

  • Pre-chill your wine in the refrigerator before bringing it to the table or outdoors.
  • Keep the cooling element in the freezer for at least 6 hours so that the cooling gel freezes optimally.
  • Place the wine bottle with cooler in the shade.
  • Use the right model for your bottle for an optimal cooling capacity.
  • Use the Active Cooler Wine Elegant for a better insulating performance.

We have a wine cooler for everyone!

The Vacu Vin Active Cooler range consists of 5 different models, and even more variations in print and material.

Active Cooler Wine – Cooling sleeve for wine bottles. Available in multiple prints

Active Cooler Mini – Cooling sleeve for demi wine bottles (375 ml) and 33 cl beer bottles. Available in two prints

Active Cooler Champagne – Cooling sleeve for champagne and sparkling wine bottles. Available in multiple prints

Active Cooler Elegant – Table top cooler case with internal cooling element. Available for wine and champagne and in different colours

Flexible Wine Cooler Artico – Cooling sleeve for both wine and champagne in a new, sleek design



Customise to the max!

Do you want to give your partners a lovely Christmas gift or do you want to thank your most loyal customers? Why not gift them a Vacu Vin Active Cooler?

All our Active Coolers are customisable. We’re able to print or engrave your logo on all five of our Active Cooler models, offering you a wide selection of promotional gifts.

We can also provide other Vacu Vin products with a customisation. From Wine Saver to Foil Cutter.

Learn more here

Vacu Vin Active Coolers engraved w/ logo

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Flexible Wine Cooler Artico

Chilled till the last sip. White wine or sparkling wine need to be served cold. This flexible, good looking wine cooler chills both standard and wider bottles.

By storing the Wine Cooler Artico in the freezer the cooling element freezes. This allows you to chill your wine or bubbles super-fast and whenever you want. The Artico keeps the bottle cold for up to 90 minutes, keeping your drinks cold until the last sip!

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Active Cooler Wine Royal Gold

New Active Cooler Limited Edition with fancy print!

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Active Cooler Wine Elegant Black

Stylish Wine Cooler with cooling element inside.


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Active Cooler Champagne Black

Cooling sleeve for champagne and sparkling wine bottles.

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Active Cooler Wine Botanical

Wine bottle cooler with with cheerful floral print!

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