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Vacu Vin® is the inventor of the original Wine Saver since 1986. With passion for wine, our innovative drive and social character, we develop high-quality products to enjoy wine more intensely. Surprise your senses by using our unique accessories!


Wine Savers

Preserve your wine under vacuum and make it last.

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Active Coolers

Chill your wine quickly and keep it cool until the last sip.

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Red wine flow

Our story

“You don’t have to be a sommelier to enjoy wine.”

Since 1986, our innovative and proven quality products enable people to enjoy wine as intensely as any professional.

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Wine saver revolution
Made with love and care

Made with love and care

How winemakers treat their grapes with care, is equal to the responsibility we feel for our employees. In our social production facility we provide the most wonderful people the opportunity to work in a sheltered work environment with the extra help and guidance they need.

We stand for a fair chance for everyone. This makes a Vacu Vin product even more special to have!

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