Enjoy summertime with a cold wine

Wine Coolers are a must-have to enjoy a chilled wine in summertime! How great is it to keep your wine cold close on table outside the fridge. When you’re having a nice gathering with family and friends you won’t have to run in and out the house to grap the bottle of wine from the fridge. The Vacu Vin Active Wine Coolers aren’t just very useful but also are also available in multiple beatiful designs! Want to know more? Continue reading for more ins and outs!

This blog is written by furnlovers.nl and translated by Vacu Vin. Read the original Dutch article here.


Wine time!

Earlier we told you about Vacu Vin and their useful wine accessories. For every occasion you have a tool to enjoy your wine better and which is easy to use! In the summer it’s no punishment to enjoy a fresh wine in the sun.

How nice would it be to relax and keep your wine cold? The Vacu Vin Active Wine Cooler is your friend! You can use these wine cooler sleeves for a delicious rosé or white wine. Love it! It works really easy: keep the wine cooler in the freezer (-18 C) for about 6 hours so the special cooling gel really gets ice cold. Tip: You can fold the wine cooler flat so it won’t take up much space in the freezer.

Unique wine coolers in your style

”There are a lot of wine coolers available, but these often look boring or aren’t so easy to use. When I saw the Limited Edition Wine Coolers from Vacu Vin I fell in love immediately. These wine coolers are available in three unique designs, for everyone a favorite that appeals to you most.”


We see a lot of the botanical trend in various interior styles. Think of unique prints, warm colors and the use of different materials. That also applies to the Wine Cooler Botanical. It gives a summer feeling and is immediately super cozy! The flexible wine cooler cover is designed to fit a 0.7 to 1 liter wine and drinking bottles.


Would you rather go for a calming print? Then the Wine Marble is highly recommended. You can perfectly combine this wine cooler with various styles. Moreover, this print isn’t boring, you are guaranteed to enjoy it for a long time! Combine this wine cooler with a nice plant or bunch of flowers to spice it up a bit.

Royal Gold

Finally, I want to highlight the Royal Gold. This limited edition was launched this year and therefore completely new. This print has a luxurious look! Of course it is up to you how you want to style it, but I can already see it combined with beautiful, unique tableware. Whether you go for a golden touch or for a somewhat robust styling. Organize a nice dinner for a friend or your partner, put this beautiful wine cooler on the table and create a beautiful setting. I am sure that you will surprise your table companions with this beautiful wine cooler and of course with a cold wine.

You don’t want miss these Limited Edition Wine Coolers! Vacu Vin has these wine coolers in three different designs, one for everyone! Do you like a luxurious look? Then you can choose the Marble print or Royal Gold edition. Are you a fan of the tropical look? Then the Botanical print is the one for you! Are you already thirsty by all thise reading? Get your favourite Wine Cooler now. Cheers!