Can I buy replacement parts for my products?

Yes, you can buy some replacement parts. Please fill out the contact form and state clearly which parts you want to purchase, for what product and what country you are in. However not all parts are separately available.

How long is your warranty period?

5 years, see our warranty policy below.

 My product has broken  under warranty, what now?

If your product is broken under warranty, we will either repair or replace the product for free. Please fill out the contact form and state clearly what broke and how. Also include pictures of the broken product and your proof of purchase.

Why can’t I buy your products via the website?

We do not have our own web shop, but we work with local distributors. You can buy all our products via Amazon (in the Netherlands If you want advice on local resellers, please fill out the contact form and state clearly in which region you’re based and what product you’re looking for.

I want to become a reseller of your products, how do I get in touch?

Please fill out the contact form and state clearly in which country  your store is located.

The vacuum of my Wine Stopper is not holding, what do I do?

It is very possible that the vacuum is leaking because the stopper is not clean. Dust or dirt on the stopper can cause the vacuum to leak. This can easily be solved by washing the stopper, preferably in the dishwasher. If this does not solve the issue please fill out the contact form and include a photo.

Can I store the bottles laying down with the Wine Stoppers on them?

No, you can’t. When a bottle is sealed with a Wine Stopper you have to store it standing straight up. The wine can get into the stopper, which will make the vacuum leak. This wine can also be sucked in the pump with the next use, which will make the pump sticky and stop it from functioning properly.

What is the difference between the Wine Saver and the Wine Saver Concerto?

In function there is no difference between these two Wine Savers. The difference is the look of the handle. Also the Wine Saver Concerto comes with four stoppers and the Wine Saver (original) comes with two stoppers.

Can I use my Vacu Vin pump on Tomorrow’s Kitchen products?

Yes, you can. Though you will have to pump more often than you’re used to with a wine bottle.

Part of my Wine Master Corkscrew has broken, what now?

The Wine Master Corkscrew is one of the products we sold in the past. However, we stopped selling (and producing) it over 10 years ago. Therefore, chances are that we can’t fix your product. You can always fill out the contact form and include a photo of the product.

My Wine Saver pump is sticky, how can I clean it?

It can happen that little bits of wine get sucked into the pump while creating a vacuum. This will result in a sticky pump. You can clean it with a damp cloth and dishwashing soap. Let the pump dry and apply a little Vaseline (or similar grease) on the inside of the pump and the pump should work just fine again. Never put your pump in the dishwasher or submerge it in water!

My Wine Saver pump is not working smoothly anymore, what now?

After a while the grease that makes your pump work smoothly can wear off. You can apply a little Vaseline (or similar grease) on the inside of the pump and the pump should work just fine again.

Where does the ‘Click’ sound come from?

The ”click” sound is a vacuum indicator which makes a sound when optimum vacuum is reached. The ”click” vacuum indicator is integrated in the new Wine Saver pumps (not in the Vacuum Stoppers).

My Wine Saver pump is not making the ‘Click’ sound, what now?

First check if you have the new model Wine Saver with ”click” vacuum indicator. Old model pumps didn’t have the ”click” function. 

Test if your pump is creating a vacuum or not. ou can easily test this by trying the pump on your hand. If you feel the vacuum, but the pump is not creating the click, the click function is probably broken.

Do you use the Wine Saver at a location that is at high-altitude? The ambient pressure at your location might be very low. In that case, the pump may not be able to achieve the necessary vacuum pressure for the click to operate. This doesn’t mean that the pump is malfunctioning, you can still use the pump and stoppers to keep your wine fresh.

When you’re sure that the ”click” vacuum indicator is broken. Please fill out the contact form and let us know if your pump is not creating a vacuum or just not making the click sound.

Can I still use my old Wine Saver pump or Vacuum Stoppers with the new products? 

You can use the new Vacuum Stoppers with your old Wine Saver pump. The old Vacuum Stoppers can also be used with the new Wine Saver pump. With the exception of the Wine Saver & Server, this product only works with the Wine Server & Stoppers. 

My Lever Corkscrew is not pulling the cork from the bottle, what now?

When the levers that clamp the bottle are squeezed together an internal mechanism is released after which you can pull the cork. You probably do not squeeze the levers firmly enough, the internal mechanism is not released.

The metal cap of my Lever Corkscrew is detached, what now?

The metal cap can be easily re-applied again, just screw it on and fix it tightly.

What level of vacuum does the Wine Saver create in a bottle?

The Wine Saver is creates a click sound when the required vacuum level for keeping your wine fresh is reached. You can always pump some more to obtain a higher level of vacuum. This does not have adverse impact on your wine.

Warranty Policy

Vacu vin

Thank you for your interest in the products of Vacu Vin. Vacu Vin is your reliable wine, beer and cocktail product expert since 1986. Here you will find everything you need to know about the warranty on our products and how to claim it.

5-year warranty

To feel reassured in your everyday use, each product has a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects that is valid from the day of purchase. To ensure the quality of our products, we check all our products, thus long-term use can be guaranteed.

If any manufacturing defect is found, we are more than happy to repair or replace your product. To claim the 5-year warranty a proof of purchase must be provided in order to validate these claims.  Make sure a clear date from an authorised retailer is visible.

Returning products

How to invoke the warranty when manufacturing defects are found on your Vacu Vin product.

Contact us via the Customer Service form above. To receive a quick and efficient response with your query, please add the following information to your email:

  • Proof of purchase.
  • Photo of the product with the defective area clearly in frame.
  • Clear description of the issue, with details on when the issue arises and was first noted.

If we are not able to identify the problem based on the given description and the product needs to be repaired, we may ask you to return the product back to us. Do not send the product in advance, as we will not cover the cost of returned products that are sent back on own initiative.

Manufacturing defect

A manufacturing defect is only valid when it’s caused by material or operational defects.

Damages caused by the following actions are not seen as manufacturing defects and are not covered by our warranty policy:

  • Accidental damage
  • Acceptable wear & tear traces
  • Abuse or negligence
  • Melting caused by overheating
  • Food stains caused by coloured food or spices
  • Scoring of cutting boards

Please use the attached instructions manual that is provided with the purchased product to prevent any form of abuse. We highly recommend not to perform any repairs to the product on own initiative. If a situation like this occurs, the product will no longer have a warranty.

Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service specialists aim to answer your questions within 72 hours during working hours from Monday till Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM CET.

We will use all information to answer to your inquiry as good as possible. Information you leave in this field will not be used for commercial purposes.