Enjoy your wine extra long!

Did you enjoy your weekend? Or did you have something to celebrate in the middle of the week? We all know that feeling of opening that one bottle of wine that was waiting for a special occasion. Whether old friends are standing on your doorstep, or you’ve just received your promotion at work, a toast can be made! Yet that special bottle of wine does not have to be finished in one go. It would also be a shame to pour the leftover wine down the drain. With this handy tool, storing your bottles will never be difficult again! Will you read with me?

This blog is written by furnlovers.nl and translated by Vacu Vin. Read the original Dutch article here.


“Click” and done

With our Wine Saver & Server, resealing a wine bottle will never be a problem again! The box contains a vacuum pump and a 2-in-1 Server & Stopper. With this special stopper you can not only reseal the bottle, but you can also pour your wine. The best part about this stopper is that you can pour the wine without spilling a single drop. Winwin!

Did you serve enough wine? Then it is time to reseal the bottle and store it. Resealing the bottle is very simple with our Wine Saver & Server. Just put the wine pump on the vacuum stopper and pump until you hear a “click”. When you hear this “click”, it means that you have now gotten all the air out of the bottle. In other words: you have reached the optimum vacuum level! So there is no longer any chance that your wine will oxidize!

Storing your wine

The wine can be stored for up to 10 days with this Wine Saver! Do you still want to pour a glass in the meantime? That’s always possible! You simply need to pull the black rod upwards. This releases the vacuum so you can pour another glass of wine!


All the benefits!

In addition to all the benefits just mentioned, there are many more! The Server & Stopper is easy to clean and it can simply be put in the dishwasher. You can store your wine up to 10 days with the 2-in-1 stopper. And thanks to the special design of the pourer you will no longer have wine stains in your carpet! In addition, it is a very sustainable product that you can enjoy for many more years to come!


The Wine Saver & Server is therefore a must have! Are you perhaps not much of a wine drinker, but your brother, best friend or co-worker is? Then this is certainly an ideal gift! Check out the product page to find your favorite webshop!