The Best Gift Ideas
for the Holiday Season!

It’s almost Christmas and we’re all looking forward to cosy and precious moments with our loved ones. You’re probably busy with finding unique presents for them, besides planning visits, dinners and family gatherings.


Winelovers often get a bottle of wine. To add a special touch to your gift, combine the bottle with a stylish, durable and yet functional wine accessory.


Discover the Vacu Vin Wine Accessories which are great to have but even better to gift! 


Surprise your senses




What do you give someone who already has everything?

We all know the struggle…What do you give someone who already has everything? Sometimes you have the feeling that your friends or family members already have everything they need.

Surprise them with a Vacu Vine gift, available in all price ranges.

Discover our most unique wine accessories from wine coolers with colorful printings to a beautiful rotating wine decanter.

Surprise your loved ones

Our latest Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Stylish and functional gift for the winelover

Flexible Wine Cooler Artico

Chilled till the last sip. White wine or sparkling wine needs to be served cold. This flexible good looking wine cooler chills both standard and wider bottles.

By keeping the Wine Cooler Artico in the freezer the cooling elements inside get ice cold. This allows you to chill your wine or bubbles super fast and keep it cold until the last sip!

A must-have for every winelover

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Conscious and durable gift for everyone

Wine Saver Stainless Steel Gift Box

Enjoy wine any time you like. You don’t have to finish a bottle of wine all at once. Use the Wine Saver to enjoy your fine wine later on.

With the Wine Saver you store your wine under vacuum to preserve its taste and aromas. The ”click” sound lets you know that the bottle is sealed air tight. With this premium edition Gift Box you add something special to your present!

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Memorable gift for someone special

Swirling Carafe

With this beautiful wine decanter you are assured of a surprising and memorable gift.

The Swirling Carafe is a unique wine decanter with a rotating base made of natural cork and crystal glass carafe. Swirling the wine allows it to breathe for an improved taste experience!

A true eyecatcher on the table

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Made with love and care in our social working facility

How winemakers treat their grapes with care, is equal to the responsibility we feel for our employees. In our social workplace we provide the most wonderful people the opportunity to work in a sheltered work environment with the extra help and guidance they need.

We stand for a fair chance for everyone. A Vacu Vin product is made with care and love and therefore a really special present to give!

The last minute all-in-one gift idea!

No time to create a gift basket all by yourself? Don’t panic! With one of the Vacu Vin Gift Sets you immediately have a complete gift in your hands.

All our Gift Sets contain wine accessories for the complete wine journey.

  1. Corkscrew – Enjoying wine all begins with a proper wine opener. You’ll find different corkscrews in all our sets. From a traditional waiters friend to a very user friendly twisting wine opener.
  2. Bottle Cooler – White, rosé or sparkling wines are best at a cold temperature. You like to chill a new bottle quickly and keep wine cold till the last drop? By keeping the wine cooler sleeve in the freezer, you can always enjoy a chilled wine.
  3. Wine Pourers – No drops spilled with a proper wine pourer. All our sets contain a wine server to pour your wine smoothly.
  4. Wine Savers – The ultimate reason to buy a Vacu Vin Gift Set is because of the smart vacuum pump! With our Wine Savers you’re able to preserve an opened bottle of wine for a longer period of time. By resealing the bottle under vacuum you keep the wine fresh for a later moment.

Making happy moments

The most beautiful thing about Christmas is making happy moments! So enjoy good company, pour yourself a fine wine and have a great time. You can also get yourself a few Vacu Vin wine accessories for the perfect wine experience.

Want to know more about Vacu Vin? Read our story or discover our complete product range.

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