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Say goodbye to the guilt of discarding unfinished bottles of wine, and embrace the joy of savoring your wine for longer. We’ve all experienced those occasions when a bottle is opened but not fully enjoyed, whether it’s the second bottle or that special red to cap off a vibrant dinner. It’s a shame to waste the remaining wine due to oxidation. With the Wine Saver Loop, you easily extend the freshness of your wine for up to 10 days with a simple vacuum seal, without losing its original taste. So you can indulge in your favourite wines at later moments and extend the enjoyment.

Seal it, Save it, Enjoy it Later!

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Wine Saving Explained

Ever wondered why wine can go bad after just a few days of opening the bottle? It’s caused by oxidation – the process where oxygen reacts with compounds in the wine, changing its taste, aroma, and colour. Yes, that’s the weird flavour you taste.

With the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Loop, you can preserve the freshness of your wine for up to 10 days (depending on the wine itself and circumstances). Here’s how it works: simply place the stopper into the bottle, attach the vacuum pump, and pump out the air until you feel there is no air left. By removing oxygen from the bottle, you create a vacuum seal that slows down the oxidation process, keeping your wine tasting as vibrant as the day you opened it.

The benefits are clear: enjoy your favourite wines, without waste.

How it’s built

Sustainably Made: We care about the environment and people as much as we care about your wine. The Wine Saver Loop is proudly made in Europe and assembled in our own social production facility, providing opportunities for individuals with a distance to the labor market. Additionally, our product is crafted with 98% post-consumer recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable, reducing waste and minimizing the use of fossil resources.


Premium Dutch Quality: Designed in the Netherlands, the Wine Saver Loop boasts a stylish design that not only looks great but also stands the test of time. Invest in quality that lasts a lifetime.

Designed with simplicity in mind

Our Wine Saver Loop streamlines wine preservation with three simple steps, ensuring each glass is as delightful as the first sip.

Easy to Use: Bid farewell to complicated methods. With the Wine Saver Loop, preserving your wine is as easy as 1-2-3: insert the stopper, attach the Loop, and pump out the air.

Easy to Clean: No more worries about cleanup. The Wine Saver Loop stoppers is dishwasher safe, effortlessly maintaining its condition after each use.

Easy to Store: Forget about misplaced accessories. The Wine Saver Loop’s clever and iconic design allows you to store the stopper directly in the Loop, ensuring it’s always within reach.

Silent in Usage: Enjoy peace during preservation. Unlike noisy vacuum pumps, the Wine Saver Loop operates silently, letting you savor the moment without distraction.

Experience the convenience of wine preservation with the Wine Saver Loop. Cheers to longer-lasting wines and unforgettable moments!


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Durable Quality that lasts you a lifetime

Our Vacu Vin Wine Saver is crafted to endure, backed by a lifetime warranty

Read more about our Warranty policy for Our Vacu Vin Wine Saver Loop Range.

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