A fresh lunch in the sun

This blog is written by furnlovers.nl and translated by Vacu Vin. Read the original Dutch article here.

The weather is great and summer is coming! That means socializing, sunshine and relaxation. Sitting outdoor with your friends, family or partner, enjoying fresh drinks and tasty snacks. We can create the same cosiness as a sunny terrace at home or in our garden. Good vibes only!

Party in the garden!

Currently you can’t celebrate your birthday with a large group of people, but you with two people you can create the same vibe! Last time we wrote about ‘’cocktail party at home,’’ we continue with our ‘’party’’ in the garden. We made ourselves sushi and a fresh lemonade. Sushi is something you want to keep refrigerated to keep it fresh for longer. To enjoy the sushi in the sunny garden we used the Vacu Vin Cool Plate. A very useful piece of tableware!

About the Cool Plate

What is the Cool Plate and what do you use it for? The Cool Plate is super handy when you’re organizing a barbecue or lunch in the garden. You can use the Cool Plate to keep meat, fish or cold bites at a low temperature. To prepare, you store the cooling element in the freezer. Once you’re ready to use the cool plate, you can place it under the stainless steel plate. This will keep the food on the plate fresh for a longer period of time. How nice would it be to sit outside in the garden and you don’t have to run to the fridge to get the next round.

It is also useful for keeping salads, cheese, snacks, pie or sushi chilled. What else do you need? By the way, you can just throw the Cool Plate in the dishwasher! Saves a lot of cleaning afterwards!

Cooling Carafe

You probably recognize it: You’re sitting outside in the hot sun, but your fresh drink warms up quickly. When temperature is rising, you prefer an ice cold drink. Luckily, we also found something for that! The Vacu Vin Cooling Carafe.

With the Cooling Carafe, your drinks will remain cold! It is suitable for wine, water, soda and fresh juice. This actually works the same as the Cool Plate. You have two cooling elements to store in the freezer until they are cold enough. Then place it in the carafe holder and it is ready for use. Within a moment your drink is chilled and stays cold until the last sip.

A fresh gift

Do you know someone who celebrates his birthday soon? The Cool Plate or Cooling Carafe would be a very useful and unique gift! Especially now in the summer season, when we all will be spending a lot of time in our own garden or balcony.