Cocktail party at home

This blog is written by and translated by Vacu Vin. Read the original Dutch article here.

”I think I’m not the only one who really misses going out for a nice drink with friends or going to a party”. Unfortunately we have to wait a while before we can do that again, but luckily there are other ways in which we can have a good time at home! Are you reading to get into the party mood?


It is wonderful to enjoy a cocktail with friends on the terrace, in the club or on the beach. Not only tasty, but also a lot of fun! My thoughts were, ‘’You don’t need a lot to experience the same vibe yourself!’’ I recently ran into Vacu Vin and came up with the idea to use their new cocktail tools myself. We had quite a laugh because I’m not a professional…but despite this, I got along well with their cocktail tools. After some research and inspiration, I started making delicious cocktails with a friend. For a moment I felt like I was behind the bar and I learned something new, shaking cocktails. If I may say, I am impressed with the result! Unfortunately I can’t let you taste it, but at least enjoy the photos.

The tool are all very useful. For example, with the cocktail muddler you can easily grind your cocktail ingredients such as mint or lime. The muddler’s cap is made of plastic, allowing you to crush or grind ingredients directly into the glass without damaging it. What should not be missing is a handy bar spoon, to gently stir up your mixes or created layered cocktails, a double jigger for measuring the amount of alcohol and a cocktail strainer to filter the cocktail.

Look & Feel

Besides that the Vacu Vin cocktail tools are very useful, they also have a great look & feel! Present the tool on a wooden shelf so that they really stand out on the counter. Another great idea is to place the cocktail tools in an open display cabinet in plain sight! Combine it with luxurious cocktail glasses and your interior immediately has a special look.

Gift Ideas

After I have been able to use these cocktail tools myself, I can also tell you that it is very nice to give this to someone as a present! Combine it with a cocktail recipes book, or with the right ingredients for a tasty cocktail. You can easily create a basket filled with everything to enjoy a cocktail party. Vacu Vin also has great product to enjoy whiskey and spirits at home or on the go. For example the ready-to-use luxury ice cubes that give your drink that little bit more appeal or a classy hip flask. Great gift ideas to surprise your beloved at Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!

Are you already looking forward to your own house party for two with delicious drinks? I hope that I have been able to inspire you to create a cozy atmosphere myself and helped you with nice gift ideas!