Find your favorite flavor

Using a Wine Aerator, to add oxygen to the wine, has become a common ritual for wine lovers. The Slow Wine Pourer does the opposite to a Wine Aerator, which minimizes the absorption of oxygen while pouring your wine. Vacu Vin offers both solutions to serve your wine entirely according to your own wishes.

Oxygen and wine

It is well known that oxygen affects the taste of wine over time. Even at the moment of opening and serving your wine, the aeration of your wine can make the difference. The right amount of oxygen can make your wine more expressive, smoother and enjoyable.

Wine Aerator

The Vacu Vin Aerator enriches the taste of your wine by adding extra oxygen to your wine. Especially for younger wines you will benefit the taste by using this tool.

Slow Wine Pourer

The Vacu Vin Slow Wine Pourer creates a unique wine flavor sensation. Its unique design minimalizes the oxygen exposure while pouring the wine. This prevents over-oxidation, making the wine taste flat with lack of aromas.

Surprise your senses

Both accessories will be praised by their supporters. We all know there’s no accounting for taste. That is why Vacu Vin offers both tools find your favorite flavor. Surprise your senses