At Vacu Vin we carefully design our packaging to give you the best impression. The packaging presents our products in the best way, contains all the information you need to know and protects your product during transport.

When you’re ready to use your product, you will most likely dispose the packaging. At this page we would like to inform you how to dispose your packaging so it can be recycled and become a beautiful new packaging again!

We thank you for your commitment to recycling and contributing to a sustainable future. The rules, programs and methods for collection and recycling of waste vary per country and can even vary per state and or municipality. To ensure that your recycling efforts are effective, please follow these guidelines.

  • Know your local recycling rrules: Familiarize yourself with the recycling guidelines provided by your local government or municipality. These guidelines often include information on what materials are accepted for recycling, how to prepare them for recycling (e.g., rinsing containers, removing lids), and any specific instructions for sorting.

  • Utilize local recycling programs: Take advantage of any curbside recycling programs or drop-off locations provided by your local government or recycling facilities. These programs are designed to make recycling convenient and accessible.

  • Check packaging labels: Look for recycling symbols on product packaging. These symbols often indicate the material type (e.g., PAP, PET, HDPE) and can help you determine whether an item is recyclable in your area.

On the packaging of all Vacu Vin products you can find the relevant material symbols that indicate the used materials.

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