The ideal wine serving temperature

The serving temperature of wine can amplify good or bad elements in wine. In general white wine and rosé are served much cooler then red wine.

Golden rule

The golden rule with wine is to avoid extreme temperatures. In other words, don’t serve red wine to warm and white wine too cool. However, when in doubt it is always better to serve a wine a bit too cold instead of too warm. The wine will eventually warm up a little bit in your glass.

A low temperature will emphasize the tannin. That’s why it is recommended to keep wines with a lot of tannin fairly warm. However, when the temperature of a red wine reaches over 20°C the alcohol begins to evaporate and sting unpleasantly. When a white wine is chilled below 8°C it loses its aroma.

There are many ways to get your wine to the desired temperature. For example, you can make your own custom wine celler rack at home. Or chill your wine at the table to the desired serving temperature. Curious how we do that?



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Enjoy your wine to the fullest!

So what is the recommended temperature for your wine to enjoy  it to the fullest? Below you find an overview of the ideal serving temperatures for various wines.

Serving temperatures for red wines

  • Fresh, fruity, light and supple wines:           14° – 16°C / 57.2° – 60.8°F
  • Full bodied, spicy, fairly complex wines:    16° – 18°C / 60.8° – 64.4°F
  • Powerful, concentrated, robust wines:        16° – 18°C / 60.8° – 64.4°F
  • Lush, sweet red wines:                                     16° – 18°C / 60.8° – 64.4°F

Serving temperatures for white wines

  • Fruity, fresh, medium dry white wines:           7° – 9°C / 44.6° – 48.2°F
  • Champagne and sparkling wines:                     8° – 10°C / 46.4° – 50°F
  • Fresh, light, fruity, dry white wines:                 8° – 10°C / 4° – 50°F
  • Rosé wines:                                                              8° – 10°C / 4° – 50°F
  • Lush, sweet white wines:                                    10° – 12°C / 50° – 53.6°F
  • Full bodied, aromatic, dry white wines:          10° – 12°C / 50° – 53.6°F
  • Very full bodied, complex, dry white wines:  12°C / 53.6°F

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