Beer styles: IPA


Worldwide, there are dozens different styles of beers. Beer styles and their own distinctive flavours are the most important characteristics of which you can recognise a beer. We will describe numerous styles of beer as a guide line for you. Whenever you’re in a supermarket and are indecisive about what kind of beer to purchase, think of this guide line and let it help you in the decision making process.



Originally the Pale ale originates from England. The name Pale refers to the colour of the malt. Beer used to have a dark colour because the malt was dried over an open fire. It caused the malt to get a dark colour and a smokey flavour. In the 18th century the use of cokes (purified charcoal) to dry malt increased significantly. This produced a lighter malt, which caused the introduction of the Pale ale.

Pale ale itself is at the foundation of the immensely popular style India Pale Ale (IPA). This beer is not produced in India. However, thanks to the British colonies, to where this certain ale was sent frequently and in the contrary to other types of ale, it was still perfectly drinkable after a journey of months. English brewers added more hop to the ale, that raises the alcohol percentage and also works as a conservative.

The beer was rediscovered in the 1970’s and 1980’s in the U.S.. The American added home grown hop to their ale. Because of this, the aromas of citrus fruit but also of tree wax were very easy to taste. The double or Imperial IPA has a more intense hop flavour. For those who are not a fan of a strong hop flavour, we would recommend the American Pale Ale.