Beer tasting, how to do it best!


Every beer has its own characteristic flavour pallet and most people know that if you drink beer, you’ll taste the beer. However, properly tasting a beer can be an adventure, especially for the eyes, nose and mouth. With 5 steps, we will guide you on how to enjoy beer to the fullest.

Step 1: Find a room with sufficient light

Beer should be tasted in a room where there is sufficient light. It’s easier to see if the beer is clear or not and if it contains some sediment in the bottle or glass.

Step 2: Pouring a beer

When pouring a beer, there are three things that will optimise the experience of beer tasting. First make sure you are using the correct beer glass with the beer you have chosen. Secondly, always pour your beer with an angle into the glass, preferably in an angle of 45° degrees. This ensures that the beer will swirl into the glass and the scents and aromas are released properly. And finally, third, create the perfect foam head. A foam head of 2cm is great.

Step 3: Take a good look at your beer

Before you take your first sip of that delicious beer, take a very good look at your beer. Look at the colour of your beer, the colour of the foam head and it consistency.

Step 4: Take a good whiff of your beer

You’re almost ready to take your first sip of that tasteful aromatic beer. However, the most important part of properly tasting beer is smelling your beer. Place your nose in the bouquet of your beer glass and take a good whiff of the scent and aroma that has been released after swirling your beer around. Take your time with the scent and aroma and you will enjoy the experience of drinking beer even more.

Step 5: Sip your beer

Finally the moment is there to taste that flavourful and aromatic beer. Do not swallow your beer at once, take a sip and let it swirl around your mouth. Feel and taste the structure before actually swallowing the beer.

These 5 steps to beer tasting ensures a fun and rich experience every time and is sure to expand your own taste pallet. It’s also an experience that should be savoured and enjoyed with friends and family