Shake it baby! How to properly use a shaker.


Of all cocktail tools, the use of a cocktail shaker is most common. Although, not all cocktails are made with a shaker. Carbonated beverages such as club soda or cola are liquids that should definitely not be shaken in a shaker. Also with a Mojito or an Old Fashioned your Shaker can remain in the cupboard. In this blog I will explain how to properly use a shaker!


Boston shaker or Cobbler

In search for a shaker, you will find that there are many types shakers. The Boston shaker and the so-called Cobbler shaker are shakers that are best known. Bartenders in a cocktail bar often use the Boston shaker. These shakers have a shaker glass and a metal Boston shaker cup, the shaker cup is used with a strainer when pouring the cocktail in a glass. The capacity of this shaker is big enough (800 ml / 27.05 fl. oz.) to create a cocktail for two at the same time. Another advantage with the Boston shaker is that you can better see what you’re making. Also pouring with a strainer is faster. The use of this shaker is a bit technical, this requires some attention the first few times when your opening, closing and pouring with the shaker. However, this is something you will get used to very quickly.



The Cobbler shaker is more than fine when used in the comfort of your own home. It is slightly more compact (500 ml / 16,9 fl. oz.) and consists of three parts, the metal shaker cup, the head with pouring holes and the cap. This shaker does not require a strainer when pouring a cocktail. To measure the liquid ingredients, the cap can also be used as an alternative for the Jigger. Secretly the cap is also known to be used as a way to taste the cocktail during or after shaking. I have many types of shakers but I prefer to use the Cobbler shaker.


How much ice do you use

Ice is an important to get your cocktail nice and cold while shaking. If you don’t use enough ice, your cocktail will not get the required cool temperature that it needs. Use too much ice and your cocktail will water down quickly and too much. I always fill my shaker quarter way with ice, however, it is also possible to fill a glass with ice and place that amount of ice into the shaker. Don’t ask me the exact amount of ice cubes that are needed, because I’m used to use our ice cube dispenser in our fridge! 😉

How long should you shake

You’ve got shaking and you’ve got SHAKING. A good cocktail needs a short but firm shake that lasts about 8 to 10 seconds. In this time a frost layer will appear on the outside of the shaker, this means that your cocktail is ready to be poured. Keep in mind, while shaking always shake above your shoulder and away from your guests (safety first). And don’t forget, always smile while shaking!


Written by Caronline Bes