Valentine’s day: why champagne is the best gift

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Every year the internet explodes with ‘top 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her’ lists. These of course contain some great inspiration, however, at Vacu Vin and Gall & Gall Verbeek we understand that not everyone can afford to take their loved one on a weekend trip to Paris or a balloon ride.

Let’s be realistic. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner of secret crush how much you really like them. The gifts are nice, but they are not the core purpose of the holiday. What’s wrong with surprising your loved one with a good bottle of bubbles, some chocolates and quality time together? Nothing! Often these are the best gifts!

The father of Champagne

We want to share a little background information on champagne with you. You may, or may not use this to impress your date on Thursday. It might provide you with a good first impression. And we all know that the first impression is the only one that really counts.We are working on an article on the full history of champagne, for the ones interested, but here we will already give you a short introduction.

The monk Dom Pérignon is seen as the forefather of champagne. He was the first one who got the second fermentation under control by adding sugar and caught in a bottle. Before this, he glass bottles kept exploding due to the enormous pressure created by secondary fermentation. By attaching the cork to the bottle with an iron wire, the pressure was kept in the bottle and the bubbles could no longer burst out. This is especially unique if you realise that Dom Pérignon was blind and was at first merely trying to get these strange bubbles out of his wine.


The right champagne to create the right moment

So let’s say you decided to buy a bottle of bubbles to surprise your loved one. How do you pick the right bottle? What to look for? Of course, in all honesty, money plays a role. Some champagnes can cost up to hundreds or even thousands of euros per bottle. It is completely fine if you can’t afford this. Most decent liquor shops have skilled employees walking around to advise you on which options are available within your budget. It’s all about finding the perfect bubble for your taste.

It is about creating ‘the perfect moment’. The moment of actually offering the champagne. It’s quite straight forward. If you offer a glass of bubbles at the moment your lover is about to go their job, that will probably not work out very well. However, if they come home tired after a long day of work and you offer them a glass of sparkling wine, chances are you’ll brighten up their day significantly. And then it really doesn’t matter if it is a bottle of Moët & Chandon rosé or a bottle of prosecco rosé.

Protip for opening: with the Champagne Opener you remove cork safely, but with a smooth hiss. This is what you want. To create the perfect hiss, turn the bottle instead of the cork.

Protip for storing leftover bubbles: use our Champagne Saver and enjoy your wine over the next couple of days without losing its spark.